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Hudson Amy

Miss Amy Hudson

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Economics from Westmont College and a Multiple Subject Clear Credential from Azusa Pacific University. My credential is valid until January 2026. I have been teaching for 26 years.

As an educator, I believe: 

  • all students can learn
  • a passionate skilled teacher is essential to maximizing a student’s potential
  • that it takes a collaborative effort to meet every student’s educational needs

As an educator, I fully accept the responsibility of:

  • thoroughly knowing and understanding the Common Core State Standards
  • fully implementing the district adopted curriculum and supporting materials
  • providing students with differentiated instruction
  • collecting and analyzing data to drive instruction
  • formally collaborating with my colleagues to meet a student’s needs through intervention and English Language Development
  • continuing my own education through professional development

As an educator, I am:

  • passionate about the education of children